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Neon Dunk is a basketball simulator game at Friv4school2017.net. Have you seen a bright shining ball? Do you have a knack for sports? You will make dunks to score goals. When you feel bored and have nothing to do, you can try this game. You shall chill out and kick back by shooting on Neon Dunk game of Friv.


Neon Dunk online game seems to be an easy game. It is not a science rocket to understand the rules of the game. However, it is hard to win this game. Let’s see what we have. You will control a special ball which can shine like the neon light. Specifically, it has pink light. It appears in the middle of the board. You need to pay attention that the above and below spike fences. If the ball touches those fences, you will lose the game instantly in Friv games.


If you don’t use arrows or tap the screen, the ball will fall down. You must control the game flexibly to do the main mission. You let the ball fall through hoops. You get one point for each successful dunk. Earn scores as many as possible. The hoops turn up continuously. Their position changes too. You have to move the ball in the right direction to score goals on Friv for school. Direct the ball cleverly!


It’s not only about direction. It’s power. You regulate the strength so that you don’t make too high jumps. The ball can jump high and touch fence on top. That is very dangerous. In case you fail to survive, you may replay to continue playing. Small stars sometimes appear. You can collect them as a bonus. If you both shoot the ball through the ring and collect a star at the same time, you have 2 points.


Take a look at http://friv4school2017.net/. Make legendary dunks together.  You can comment, share and rate this game. Try similar games Helix Jump and Tap Neon.



  • Use left arrow and right arrow to control the ball.
  • Tap the screen to move the ball.
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