Helix Jump GamePlay:

You have spring in your step as playing Helix Jump at Friv4school2017.net. You will have to protect a red ball. Don’t let it fall! It must stick to a platform. I will experience cheerful minutes on Helix Jump game of ufriv. You deserve a pat on the back for hard work. Be in the zone! Enjoy this game when you burn out.


Helix Jump online game is so easy to start, but it is hard to win at all. You will have to control a ball and a platform. The ball is small and red. The platform is a rotating column which is surrounded by pieces. Pieces stick to the column. They are gray and have the half-moon shape. Tap to start the game of ufriv games. Use left or right arrow to make the platform turn to left or right. 


Imagine you must overcome all problems and difficulties alone. The ball will drop down on gray pieces. You spin the column and you mustn’t let the ball fall down in space. If the ball does not jump down on the platform, you will lose the game. There are only gray pieces in the beginning. However, yellow pieces will appear later. They are very dangerous in ufriv player games. If the ball touches them, you also will lose the game.


Some diamonds appear while you play. Move smartly to collect them. You get points with successful jumps. You gain one point for one successful jump. The game will save your best score. You play in the unlimited time. You don’t have to suffer the pressure of time. Don’t be hurry!


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  • Use left/right arrow to play.
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