Mario Doodle Jump GamePlay:

Mario Doodle Jump is a story about the adventure of Mario on his way to rescue the princess. Take a glance at Friv4school2017.net. Jump for joy and for existence. If you are feeling bored, play this game because it gives you energy immediately and wakes you up. Mario Doodle Jump game of school friv is very appealing. 


Mario Doodle Jump online game is a single-player action game. It is playable for free on our website. Mario is a famous game character who overcomes difficulties to save a princess. In this game of school friv games, you play the role of that man. Your task is jumping high and trying to survive. The mission is not easy at all.

Mario must jump on wooden bars to reach a higher position. You cannot control the height of jumps. All you have to do is to move right or move left. Land exactly and keep balance. You play on the platform. There are many bars appear on school friv free games. They are put everywhere. Their position is different. The distance between bars is different too. You should think about moving steps. How can you get the highest place with smallest number of jumps?


We have a few kinds of bars. They are the yellow bars, green bars, and pink bars. Types have separate features. Yellow bars have fixed position. They don’t move while green bars move on the platform at school friv player games. You aren’t able to stand on the green bars for a while. When you touch them, you must jump on another bar. Unless you don’t move on another bar, you are going to fall down. Pink bars will split when you jump on them. Therefore, you will certainly fall.  Green and pink bars are very perilous. Keep away from them if you can.


Make use of springs to jump higher. You get points after each jump. If you fall down, you will lose your only one life. The score will be shown on the screen. The game is over. Fortunately, you are able to restart instantly.  


We are content to read your reviews. Assess the game. Recommend it to your playmates to invite them to play with you. Enjoy great games such as Super Mario World Fm, Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island, and Super Mario Star Scramble 3 at http://friv4school2017.net/?

Controls: Use the arrows to move Mario.

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