Cube Jump GamePlay:

The way to obtaining a high score in Cube Jump is to jump from platform to platform as fast as you can and aim for the smaller platforms as often as possible. The platforms in the game appear in three sizes, and this determines your score. The size of a platform is inversely proportional to the number of points it can give you. You'll get 1 point for jumping onto the largest platform, 2 points for jumping onto the medium one, and 3 points for jumping onto the smallest one.


It's interesting that if you make a quick succession of jumps within a few seconds, you’ll trigger a multiplier that further increases the point value per jump. Here at www.friv.com 2 game, you also should pay attention to the lines of platforms. The lines on the left side are removed constantly. Then, it's best to jump into the lines in the middle of the gameplay area as much as possible.


By this way, you'll have a second to assess the incoming line of platforms and get ready for the next jump. Be careful and make sure that you won't fall off into the abyss. Don't forget to gain small cubes along your way and you can use these cubes to unlock new cool characters. Replay to have more fun!


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How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game.

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