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Doodle God Ultimate Edition is a puzzle game in Friv4school2017. You become a creator. Make use of knowledge and creativity to generate a brand new universe. How many elements can you make? Let’s explore the development of life on Earth. Doodle God Ultimate Edition game shows you interesting facts on Friv4school.


Doodle God Ultimate Edition free game is very interesting and unique game. You must wrack your brain and make new ingredients in the world. In the beginning, there were only four elements which are earth, fire, water, and air. However, the planet is so enormous and large. Doodle God thinks that he needs to create more elements at Friv4school games. You help him make the lives on Earth more diversified.


You use four original elements to make new elements. Then combine new elements with each other or combine basic elements with new ones. There are so many ways to generate a new element. You combine fire with soil, then you have lava. After adding air to lava, you have the stone. Air and water create steam. If you combine earth with water, you have the swamp in Friv4school player game.


You have energy when combining fire with water. Air and stone make sand while fire and stone produce metal. Life and stone will generate egg. Life and egg make dinosaur while air and egg create the bird. After you create new elements, they will appear on the planet. Fill up the Earth with plenty of elements you have created.


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How to play: Use the mouse to play.

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