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Slope Tunnel of Friv4school is a great choice for fans of jumping games. Do you have a liking for entering races? Run along green tunnels and across big holes. It sounds captivating, doesn’t it? Slope Tunnel game takes you to the steep land. Make happy minutes and seize your moments in www. friv. Play it out!
Welcome to the Slope Tunnel free game! This is a single-player game. You are a running ball in a green tunnel. The tunnel is made of a number of green blocks. It is an endless tunnel. At first, it seems simple to go straight because the path is safe and even. After a while, tunnel changes its structure. Some blocks disappear or fall. You have to make jumps to stay on road. The tortuous route is a huge danger on www. friv.com.
Move carefully, act fast and stay on the path. If you can’t dodge holes and fall down, you will lose your life. The game is over. It is possible to replay at once. You just have one life, so be alert. Blocks vanish so fast; therefore, you must respond quickly at www. friv game. The farther you get, the faster you roll. The game is more of a hazardous track.  
The game does not provide levels. You just play, run, roll, jump and stay alive as long as you can. White small balls turn up on the routine. Take them to gain scores in www. friv player game. Control the ball smartly and zoom out in ahead path. Be in the zone! Don’t fall down.

We are content to read your comments. Rate the game highly. Share it with your best playmates to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many jumping games such as Jumping Rock and Doodle Jump from http://friv4school2017.net/?

  • Use the left and right arrows to move the ball.
  • Use Space to respawn. 
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