Slope GamePlay:

Slope is a pretty interesting game.The fact is that this is a running game, like Tomb Runner. There are some different features between these friv games, those are the shape of the character and the game obstacles.


In Tomb Runner, you will control a man to run forward and to collect the coins and try to avoid being fell off or crashing into the obstacles while in Slope, you will control a ball running straight forward and do not know when you might bump into the obstacles and die.


In Tomb Runner, you will experience a game with full of colors, but in Slope, you should get used to the simple design of three colors including black, green and red. If in Tomb Runner, the obstacles are the beasts, the broken walls or the abysses, in Slope, your only threat is the red cubes. Slope is creating an addiction for those who have played it. You absolutely can select Slope to release stresses after work or school.


How to play Slope Game

  • Use arrow keys to play. Have fun!


You will have a lot of interesting experiences when playing with a green ball in Slope at Friv 4. Show off your clever skills in controlling it!


Rolling together with the green ball in Slope at friv4school game will help you explore many extremely interesting things. Through this game, you also show off your speed-controlling ability. It is very attractive, isn’t it?


In the game, your task is very simple but it is not easy to complete if you aren’t clever enough. You have to control a green ball which rolls on a sloping way. This way is also very small, so you need to be careful. If not, your ball will be fallen down the abyss. To survive, you need to avoid the red walls as well. Notice that, the speed of the ball is faster and faster, so try your best to help your ball reach the goal at game friv 2017!


How to play: You will have to use the arrow keys (right and left arrows) to control your green ball. If you play the game on your phone, tilt it towards the right or left, depending on your condition.