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Raft .io – Figure out the way to survive on the sea

Raft .io is a fun-addicting game at Friv4school2017. You are a lonely seaman sitting on a wooden raft. Do your best to survive in the ocean. It’s a long shot. You collect materials to invent new tools. Many creepy creatures are thirsty for your blood. Raft .io game is a survival battle in frizz games. Much time!


Raft .io free game is so simple to join and play. Imagine you are a seaman and get lost in the ocean. You are on planks and pick material, tools, and stuffs to use. This is a multiplayer game. Many other players are on the sea. Some can attack you. They even jump on your raft and hit you on frizz games online. Use axes to protect yourself. You must create water and look for food to maintain life. Use water maker and glass to make water. Apply fishing rod to catch fish and use an axe to take food from trees.


Tools are bows, fishing rods, axes, oars, spears, and repair hammers. Materials consist of arrows, ropes, and glass. Things which are buildable include water makers, rafts, chests, grills, plant pots, wood doors, and wood walls. You can use bandages. Each thing has its own function. Fishing rods are used to get food and grab objects on the sea of frizz games free. Use oars to move your raft. Put a glass on a water maker and create potable water. Use an axe as a weapon or to get food from trees. Hammers are used to repair damaged buildings or attack enemies. Put glass into a water maker to invent water. Use wood wall to create a base. Spears are fast but weak weapons.


There are two bars: nutrition and hydration showing your status at frizz games for school. When they vanish, you will lose your life. Replay to begin a new adventure. Many sharks live in the water. If you leave the raft, they attack and kill you. After 3 attack times, you are murdered. Be careful! Use an oar to move the raft, approach materials and take them.


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  • Use the mouse to move.
  • Use F to pick stuff.


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