Split Ball GamePlay:

Split Ball seems to be boring game at first. But it turns out to be very addictive later. Once you know how to play the game, you will love it. Inspired by Jezz Ball, the mission of Split Ball is to fill in 75% of each level. Drag or swipe to fill in sections. Avoid contacting with the moving balls or you’ll lose a life. Enjoy!


You are extremely interested in ball games? Great! Split Ball is here to challenge your agility. There’s no time like the present. Discover it by yourself at free friv Games!


Well, playing Split Ball you seem to feel bored at first because of the obscure gameplay. But when you know how to play, it turns out to be very addictive. Take it from me! I’ll make it clear for you. In this game at frivGames 2017, your mission is to fill the screen up to 75% in black.


You just need to drag or swipe to fill in the sections with vertical or horizontal lines. The two ends of each line will run towards in opposite directions. When one of them touches the side, you’ll get a line filled and when both of them finish, you’ll get a section filled.


Playing this game at friv Games here, note that you only get the parts filled where the balls don’t move in. Keep your lines avoid colliding with the moving balls, if not, you’ll lose a life. Try your best to get enough 75%, this is the only way to move to the next level.


You should also know that the difficulty level will increase after each level with more balls; however, you will have more lives, too. Game on and good luck! Many fun ball games are waiting for you, check out at friv Games free!


How to play? For PC, you just use the mouse to drag or swipe. For mobiles, touch the screen to play.