Avengers Hydra Dash GamePlay:

Avengers Hydra Dash is a tale about superheroes in Friv4school2017.net. You begin with Captain America. He bets his life to protect everyone.  Earn tokens to add some heroes to the team. Your duty is completing missions and destroying an evil plan. Avengers Hydra Dash game is an awesome game of Friv 4.


Avengers Hydra Dash online game is an adventure of a member of avenger team. Do you know Captain America? He is very strong and brave. He does many things to save the world. He always does tough missions and finishes them well. You will become him in this game. He is your first character at Friv 4 games. Control him smartly to accomplish missions.


The game is divided into many levels. In level 1, he is asked to run 200m, collect 1 USB and get tokens. You manage to complete levels. He will run in the air. He jumps on obstacles to continue his journey. Obstructions and tokens are hovering. The distance between two obstacles changes. This is so challenging. Jump and tumble jump to overcome tough road on Friv 4 free games.


Captain America can bash through rivals with his shield. Captain America has two main powers which are Tumble Speed and Token Magnet. Make use of them to fight effectively. Collect USB to crack hydra’s network. This is an important mission. If he falls down, the game is over. You see your results including the number of USB and tokens and score.


You will collect coins to get your money at http://friv4school2017.net/. You can use tokens to boost Captain’s power. Use the money to unlock other Avengers like Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, Falcon, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Falcon. Ironman can fly to avoid opponents and reach higher platforms. Black Widow is able to evade enemies and crawl in the narrow passages. Thor perhaps shocks foes and disable electric devices with his hammer. Falcon may glide for a long distance after a jump. Black Panther can leap and move through ceilings. Hawkeye is able to shoot arrows to defeat enemies and collect items.


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  • Press up key to jump. Hold up key to tumble jump.
  • Press K to attack enemies.
  • Use C key to use special abilities.
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