Geometry Dash GamePlay:

Geometry Dash is a funny and addictive game for everyone over the world. It is back with many new points such as adventure, level, music and challenge. With an endless stream of obstacles, Geometry Dash will bring for the players many interesting challenges about the speed and rapid responses.


The players have to overcome continuously many obstacles and deadly traps on the race track with high speed to complete each level. There are all 18 levels with different challenges in Geometry Dash. One important thing you should remember that only with a wrong step, you will lose lives and the game is over. Interestingly, Geometry Dash not only helps you relax but also develops many your necessary skills in life.

How to play Geometry Dash?

With Geometry Dash, the players can use the mouse to interact or arrow up to jump on the computer and tap directly on the touch devices. Are you ready to put your highest score at the top of the list? Good luck!

Level 1:

Level 1: If you are a fan of speed games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss Geometry Dash game – an attractive action game for everyone at friv online Games. With level 1, speed and level of difficulty are quite fast, so you won’t have much time to get used to the gameplay but enter a real race immediately. Keep your eyes to control your character wisely, avoid touching dangerous obstacles and deadly traps on the way. Be careful with every move because obstacles will appear continuously on the road at a fast speed. In particular, the playing time in level 1 is quite long, so you have to control your character skillfully and technically. Good luck at friv game 4!

Level 2:

Level 2: The speed and difficulty level of level 2 has been increased significantly. I really don’t play any games with the high speed like this game. The dangerous obstacles and deadly traps are everywhere with dense density on the road. I'm afraid you will have to play many times to get through this level. However, it is so funny and attractive. Try your best to jump quickly and correctly to pass through thorn spikes along the race track. After passing the first part of level 2, you have to control your plane carefully because it will fly very fast in the sky. Ready to challenge yourself at friv Games play!

Level 3:

Level 3: Level 3 is opened with tons of challenges on the track at friv free. This level promises to bring you many levels of emotions in the game. Your biggest mission still is to jump quickly and correctly to overcome challenges on the way. In particular, you will have to cross a darkened area with a lot of deadly traps, so please concentrate and control your plane carefully. With an array of thorns on the way, keep your mind to jump into a yellow spot in the air and pass them. Otherwise, you will be destroyed immediately in the game. Good luck at free friv Games!

Level 4:

Level 4: The speed in level 4 is quite fast, so I recommend that you should pay attention to control your character carefully from the beginning. Especially in this level, you will have to reverse gravity - moving in the air. This can cause a lot of difficulties for players and increase the difficulty level up many times. Do your best to jump precisely to the safety points and run as fast as possible on the way. For dangerous obstacles, you should jump in the middle to avoid touching it. Conquer level 4 in the shortest time and get three gold stars in each level at friv at school now!

Level 5:

Level 5: Level 5 is really a challenge in the air for players because you have to constantly jump through deadly traps on the buildings. Note that, for gaps with no blocks, you must jump quickly to the golden spots to move to other blocks on the way. Warning! You have to move in a dark area for a long period of time. So, be careful with every move if you don’t want to be a victim in the game. In particular, in the flying model, the challenges will be designed as a challenge in Flappy Bird game. Haha! Is it attractive enough for you? Have a great time at friv game!

Level 6:

Level 6: Fast-moving effects in level 6 will also be a challenge for players because they can cause you to lose focus and easy to be destroyed on the track. One more thing, the obstacles will appear on the road unexpectedly, so you should be careful and move correctly. In particular, in this level, you almost have to move in the dark area - one of the most disadvantageous conditions for players. However, this is also a good opportunity for you to train reaction skills in the game. Who can pass level 6? It completely could be you! Check it out at Games friv online!

Level 7:

Level 7: Warning! A maze with a series of dangerous obstacles and deadly traps on the way. These obstacles are quite similar to the design of the Flappy Bird game. So, you have to control your character to move between the two obstacles. Be careful because deadly traps will change in height and size continuously in the game. Especially, there are some obstacles that the distance between them is appropriate for your character’s size. Therefore, you must jump right into it otherwise the game will end immediately. Are you ready to conquer level 7 at game friv online?

Level 8:

Level 8: Level 8’s speed is much faster than previous levels. So, you don’t feel disappointed if you have to play it repeatedly because most people are like you. In this level, fast-moving effects will also cause many difficulties for you. They may distract you from the obstacles that will appear and disappear alternately on the way. In addition, you will have to control your character in the opposite direction (to the left of the screen) after jumping into a round hole on the road. Don’t forget to collect a gold coin and pass through tons of challenges in the game. Good luck at friv Games school!

Level 9:

Level 9: Level 9 will be a difficult math for all players, even the most talented players. Why do I say? Because the level’s speed is very fast, continuous transition effects, fast conversion time. All of them will cause a series of difficulties for the player to pass this level. Especially, as soon as you jump into the circles on the road, the context’s color will be changed. Keep your mind to collect as many gold coins as possible along the way. Moreover, when in flight mode, you need to control it carefully because it moves very quickly and easily hits the obstacles. Enjoy it at friv online Games!

Level 10:

Level 10: Level 10 will appear with a series of iron wheels with sharp spikes that will rotate continuously in the game at friv4. Unfortunately, if you just accidentally touch its thorn, you will be completely destroyed and the game is over. In addition, the obstacles’speed also is increased significantly compared to the previous levels. Note that, when you move to the left of the screen (in the opposite direction of the game), you need to control the character wisely and quickly turn around when the transfer effect. Congratulations! You have conquered level 10!

Level 11:

Level 11: Level 11 will require players to have accurate and fast skills in the game at friv 4 play. Besides, your task is not only to jump over the obstacles but also to jump right into circles that will appear constantly on the way. These circles are the safe areas to help you get through the dead road everywhere. One more thing, you shouldn’t be too greedy to collect gold coins, because they are usually placed in narrow and dangerous positions in the corners of the screen. This is a wonderful chance for you to train many skills in life. Don’t forget to complete level 11 in the shortest time!

Level 12:

Level 12: The speed of level 12 is considered as the speed in flying games because it is so fast compared to a jumping game at Friv 2017. Therefore, you should be more careful with every move to avoid being killed along the way. Keep your mind to move into the safe areas and avoid colliding with spikes in the game. Try your best to control your plane wisely, carefully and earn as many gold coins as you can. This is a difficult challenge for all players around the world. At this level, you can train many necessary skills such as fast reaction, interoperability, and problem-solving skills. It is so exciting, right?

Level 13:

Level 13: Level 13 is really a mess of dangerous obstacles and deadly traps everywhere. They appear constantly and unexpectedly at a fast speed on the maze. I'm sure that you will find it extremely difficult to conquer this level. This is also the time when you need to practice perseverance and pursue your passion. Use all your racing skills to avoid touching iron wheels with spikes along the way. Besides, your character will appear in a lovely and eye-catching graphics in this level. Fly as far as possible and complete level 13 in the shortest time at frivgame 2017 right now!

Level 14:

Level 14: Hey you! Be wary of the iron circles that are spinning continuously and creating a barrier for you on the path. In particular, a folded maze with lots of deadly traps is waiting for you to pass through. Please focus on your character and avoid being distracted by the background and motion effects in the game. Keep your eyes to jump correctly as well as fly quickly through dangerous areas on the way. Try to follow the arrows that can help you overcome many challenges in the game. Don’t hesitate anymore! Discover it right now at free online Games friv!