Blackjack GamePlay:

Take a seat at the BLACKJACK table and challenge your card game skills with this very classic Blackjack mobile game. Place your bet, double, hit or stand to check your opponents cards. Try to get 21 points for a Blackjack or if you have less, you must get closer to this value than your opponent.


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Blackjack – an attractive card game is not a game of luck as many people think. Instead, it's actually a skill and tactic game for talented people around the world at frivgame 2017. Why do I say so? Because if you want to win other players, you have to think carefully as well as have an excellent strategy in each match.


Your ultimate goal is to master the game and capture the opponent's cards. To implement this mission, keep your eyes to observe wisely every move of your opponent. Note that, you shouldn’t put too much money on a match to avoid getting big risks in the game. To start this game, you have to place a bet such as 5$, 10$, 25$ or 100$ for each match.


However, you should remember that you only have 1000$ in total. Therefore, try your best to earn a lot of money and become a billionaire in the game at friv school Games. Adding many attractive choices for you at friv play Games, check out http://friv4school2017.net/


How to play? Use your left mouse to play the game.