Lost in Time GamePlay:

The time is running out!!! Join Lost in Time now and connect as many identical objects as possible. In this fun puzzle game, your basic mission is to match two identical objects and make them disappear in the game. Especially, you will only have a limited time to complete each level (1:30s).


Therefore, keep your eyes to observe the time and match many objects in the shortest time. One more thing, a useful tip for you to expand the time in the match is to collect clock symbols in the game. This will help you increase the time and get the highest score in Lost in Time. Ready to conquer 60 challenging levels at friv online Games??? Good luck!


Lost in Time is a classic game that fits everyone’s liking. The sky’s the limit to what you can try in this match. The players will be charmed by the graphic design and occult sounds of the game. With the ancient Egypt era, you will lead to a mysterious world where you have to match two identical objects with each other in the shortest time possible.


Here in Friv 4, we will support you with two different options (Shuffle & Hint), each selection varied in use. So, you should consider carefully each option to get the highest score in the game. You also are lost some scores for every using, so restrain the selection. Hope that you can break this game down.


Hey, one more thing, be a classic game, you may love Brainie game. Discover more overwhelming joy. Let’s play now!



Use your left mouse to connect the objects in the game.