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Trolls Coloring Book is a game for kids at Friv4school2017. Do you fancy drawing and painting? You live in the solitary world of pictures and colors. Take a look at the trolls’ world and kick back by painting. You will work as a skillful artist in Trolls Coloring Book game of friv 5 online. How about enjoying coloring?


Trolls Coloring Book free game brings good feelings to you for sure. Do you know Trolls animated movie? Pictures in the game are featured characters. At first, you choose a picture to begin the game. The original pictures are white and black. There are 8 pictures. They are Branch, Poppy, Guy Diamond, Satin, and Chenille in friv 5 online games. Trolls are holding toys, embracing, playing drum or singing. The pictures have only brush strokes. You will have to paint them with a bunch of colors. 


You pick a picture. It appears in big size so that you color easily. Do your best to color well. Some pieces of equipment are below the picture. There are 24 pencils which are equal to 24 colors including khaki, golden, coral, salmon, hot pink, plum, indigo, maroon, fuchsia, lavender, crimson, charcoal, pea, olive, lime, teal, navy blue, azure, cyan, aquamarine, and magenta. You click one pencil and it will rise up on friv 5 online player games. The pointer becomes that color. You use the mouse to color. Move mouse on the part you want to paint. In case you want to try another color, use an eraser to remove the color you have painted. You can change the size of the pencil to color flexibly. Knuckle down in order to create beautiful works.


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•    Use the mouse to play.

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