Bob the Robber 4 GamePlay:

A new and wonderful experience for you at Friv 4. Jump into Bob the Robber 4 and steal any valuable items that you like right now. Ready to challenge yourself???

Haha! Bob the Robber 4 is really back with thousands of the players at Friv 4. This game is a perfect combination of action and puzzle game in which you will have to deal with many tasks at the same time. 

Here at online Friv 2017, you will become a professional thief and your biggest mission is to steal as many valuable assets as possible but still escape safely from a house with many dangerous rooms. To implement this, keep your eyes to unlock many doors and avoid being caught by cameras or guards in the game at Friv 4 school

With the new version, this game will bring you many levels of emotions such as nervous, anxious or happy to escape the house with a lot of money. Try your best to solve all puzzles and unlock next levels to challenge yourself. 

One more thing, you completely can play this game in some several different browsers such as Iphone, Samsung, Android, or Window Phone). What are you waiting for? Check it out at Friv4school online!

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How to play?
Use arrow keys to control your character.

Welcome Bob the Robber 4 at friv com school! What is your mission? All you need is to collect as a lot of money as possible in a dangerous maze. Here, you must face many difficulties such as cameras, robots, and deadly traps on the way. Note that, to avoid being caught by the camera, you just need to stand in the dark area or under the camera. Don’t forget to use arrow keys to move up or down, collect documents quickly when signs of hand appear on the way. Do your best to find a code for the door and remember it to pass through the first part of the game. Great! Level 1 will be opened!

Level 1:

Level 1: After passing the first part of the game, your next task is to steal as much money as possible in a multi-storey house at level 1. Note that, the owner is on the fourth floor and the camera is on the third floor. Therefore, you should observe carefully before moving through these floors in the house. Beat host quickly, find a code correctly and avoid being caught by the camera on the way. Especially, you should be more careful with every move because a guard will appear unexpectedly on the first floor. Don’t forget to steal the requested item and escape safely from the house. Let’s play online at friv 2017!

Level 2:

Level 2: Great! With level 2, Bob will have the opportunity to choose some unique outfits in the shop. However, with expensive clothes, you need to earn enough money to own them. More interestingly, here Bob will get lost in the house with many books and your main mission still is to earn a lot of money for the pocket. Especially, you should pay attention to the scientist and don’t let him press the alarm button because you will be arrested immediately by the police. Try your best to complete this mission in the shortest time and gain three gold stars in each level. What are you waiting for? Let’s play at friv online game!

Level 3:

Level 3: With the context in an apartment building, Bob will face more difficulties in order to escape safely. Especially, at this level, there are two cameras on the second and third floors of the building. So, keep your eyes to observe carefully and avoid being caught by the camera in the building. Pay attention to remember a code, unlock the elevator and move quickly on the way. Use your hand to defeat a guard before he knocks you down. Don't miss any chances to collect an important piece of cake - one of your main tasks at level 3. After passing the task, you only need to jump into a motorcycle and escape from the apartment building. Hurry up to conquer level 4 at online game friv right now!

Level 4:

Level 4: Welcome to a luxury restaurant with many rooms, such as kitchen, cashier counter, dining room, the elevators and so on. However, I am worried that all of them will cause a lot of trouble for Bob to successfully escape from this restaurant. Note that, you can press 1 to use the instant photo under the camera at level 4. This will prevent the camera from taking a picture of you, so you can move easily everywhere and everywhen. One more thing, keep your eyes to observe to a scientist, a guard and destroy them anytime you can. Don’t forget to collect huge money and a gold cup at level 4. Have fun at friv free!

Level 5:

Level 5: It is the wonderful time for you to explore many interesting experiences in a picture gallery in level 5 at friv game. The special feature is that you will have to defeat 3 opponents in the game such as a scientist, a guard and a dangerous fighter who is armed with a long rifle. Especially, you can’t destroy this fighter without a weapon, so I suggest that you should sneak or hide on the way because he will kill you immediately when you appear. Keep your eyes to find a target correctly and steal a valuable picture on the fourth floor. Be more careful with every move, earn a large of money and buy many support tools in the game. Good luck!

Level 6:

Level 6: Woa!!! Welcome to the world of trees in level 6! Here you will have the opportunity to discover many unique plants and interesting experiences in the game. However, don’t forget your main task – steal a lot of money and collect many important documents on the way. Keep your eyes to avoid being destroyed by three men, including 2 guards with gun and 1 scientist. Besides, you should use the support tool to disable the camera and move easily through it. Do your best to steal a precious flower in this garden and quickly move to the balcony to escape. It sounds very easy??? Have fun at friv at school!

Level 7:

Level 7: Warning!!! A new challenge is waiting for you at level 7. Are you ready to conquer this level with a strong determination? Jump into it at friv game online. Before starting your journey, to pass through level 7 in an easy way, you can use the money that you earn on the way to buy some support tools such as Lockpick (Unlock the doors), instant photo (Disable the camera) or box (Hide bodies) and so on. You should pay attention when moving through the 3rd floor because two scientists will press the red button whenever they see you. Don’t forget to avoid camera and escape quickly at all costs. Good luck!

Level 8:

Level 8: Congratulation! Because you have passed 7 levels and continue your journey by conquering level 8. This level will have up to 2 housemates and 2 protectors who are armed with guns and move continuously between floors. In particular, you should think carefully and find a reasonable strategy to escape because the doors will be closed as soon as you go through. Collect a lot of money when hands appear and a requested object in the level. Be more careful with every move because you can be attacked anytime at level 8. What are you waiting for? Let’s play at friv2017 now!

Level 9:

Level 9: At level 9, the level of difficulty has been increased significantly because the context of this level is a palace with many rooms and paths. So, this will make you more difficult to escape from the palace. In particular, this palace is protected by 3 stewards, 1 scientist and 2 cameras. They will move constantly on the road and kill you at all costs. Keep your eyes to move wisely, avoid the camera and defeat the enemy immediately. Notice, after stealing the requested item on the first floor, you have to move very carefully to escape to the last floor. This task is not simple for you? Good luck at online game friv!

Level 10:

Level 10: Woa! Level 10 will have the appearance of zombies that never die. Remember that, you only can kill this zombie from behind but it will wake up after a short time. Therefore, I suggest that you should avoid facing it on the way. Use all your skills to steal a gold warrior hat on the first floor and escape safely to the fourth floor. However, to complete this mission, all you need is to move wisely, unlock the doors and collect a lot of money for the pocket. With this money, you can use it to buy some support tools for the next levels and finish level 10 in the shortest time. Hope that you will laugh happily every time at frivgame 2017!

Level 11:

Level 11: At this level, you will have the chance to buy many support tools that can help you easily pass the level such as Lockpick, instant photo, special belt, stun gun, or box. Here, you will come from the bottom floor and move upstairs. Please move wisely because there are 3 enemies in this house, one housekeeper, one guard and one zombie. Don’t forget to use some support tools that you buy on the shop to kill enemies quickly and move safely to the exit. Keep your mind to collect a lot of money and a precious diamond as required on the third floor. Hurry up to move to the last floor and complete this level in the shortest time. Have fun at friv Games for school!

Level 12:

Level 12: Welcome to level 12 of Bob the Robber 4 at friv best Games! Are you ready to defeat four enemies including two housekeepers, one scientist and one zombie? I suggest that you should think carefully and calculate a logical tactic because after this level, you will enter the final level to conquer this exciting action game. Remember to use some support tools such as the instant photo to disable the camera and box to hide the enemy. Try your best to collect a gold bar on the third floor, find a code and escape safely from this house. Don’t forget to get three stars and earn huge money to enter level 13 – the final level. Good luck!

Level 13:

Level 13: Great! You have passed 12 levels and this is the ultimate challenge for you at Games of friv. Win level 13 and write your name on the Leaderboard of Bob the Robber 4 right now. I believe that you will do it! To overcome this level, I suggest that you should buy all the support tools until you run out of money in the game. With support tools, you will pass through easily challenges without spending much time thinking about strategy in the game. Pay attention to observe carefully because there are two zombies that are near you on the last floor. Use all your skills to steal a Mona Lisa painting and complete this level. Great! Please raise the glass to congratulate this!