Hungry Bob GamePlay:

Hungry Bob is an attractive and addictive game which is played by thousands of the players on friv Game 2017. In this game, you can imagine that Hungry Bob is like a hungry hippo, so you have to help it eat as many balls as possible in the hoop. Observe carefully, decide correctly to open the basket and collect many balls for Hungry Bob.


One more thing, Hungry Bob will rotate continuously, so you should pay attention to click at the right time. What are you waiting for? Show off your talent now! Have a great time!


The first time I have played this game, I think that it is similar to Packman game genre. However, this game is a brand-new game that will steal your heart with the game's idea. In this game at friv Games 2017, your primary mission is to control a rolling head that its appearance is similar to Packman, so as to catch falling balls. It is called a circle life, because once you successfully catch the balls, those will turn back to their previous positions.


So what will happen to the others? Well, if you fall in catching them, those will disappear and not turn back. And of course, you will not get scores for it. There is a specific amount of balls, in case you run out of it, you can buy more at Friv for boys. The maximum balls you can buy at one time, which is 5 balls.


In the case the basket is empty, the game will end immediately and your best effort will be saved on your current device. This game is divided into levels. There are multi-levels waiting for your experience.


Apart from that, one impressive element cannot fail to mention in the game, which is the game's graphic design. Game developers succeed in arranging features in the game. It looks so neat and creative. This element surely makes an advantage for the game at friv online Games.



Use the mouse to interact with the computer.