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Players feel over the moon while playing Boxing Surgery Simulator of Friv4school2017.net.  This time you aren’t an audience. You are a surgeon curing the boxers. Take advantage of surgery skills to help athletes. Boxing Surgery Simulator game is a fantastic chance to relax in Friv game. Let’s get it on!


Boxing Surgery Simulator online game is a cool game. Imagine you work in the boxing career. You become both a coach and a doctor. The combat of the bar bill between Sean The Fatal and Chris The Expedient. Your boxer is Sean at Friv game 2018. You stand by the arena and shout out some instructions like “Looking Good” “Use one fist”, “Duck”, “Take a breath”, “Block”, “Move your feet”, and “Kill Kill Kill”. 


Two fighters will compete with each other. They hit, punch and beat. The match is divided into rounds. A clock counts down time of each round. You can see scores of your boxer and the opponent. When a round ends, you will cure your fighter. He has some injury and gets dizzy. He is bleeding. He gets wounded in many parts of the body. You are provided many medical tools on Friv game for free. You must use the right tools to give him medical treatment. If he has tumors, use bandages to cover them. When his head is swollen, use a freezing ice cream to make it cool.


If you use wrong tools, the fighter gets hurt and can die. Watch out! After you finish helping him, let him go out and back to the match. The round 2 begins. He continues to fight. When the round 2 ends, he has more injuries, so you treat him medically. Then he comes to round 3. A health bar shows his health status. When the bar runs out of green color, he will lose his life. Don’t let that happen in http://friv4school2017.net/!


If Sean loses or dies, the next match takes place. It is a mutated software joint James The Deplorable vs Danielle The Messy. The next battle is a fight between Ryan The Protector and Tyler The Owl. Fights are held in a row; therefore, you have so many things to do.


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  • Use the mouse to play.


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