Baby Elsa Arm Surgery GamePlay:

Baby Elsa Arm Surgery is nothing short of a stimulating game in Friv4school2017. Little girl, Elsa, has an injury on her arm. She needs to be cured. You are a nurse or doctor giving her a medical treatment. Would you mind helping baby Elsa? You do the first aid on Baby Elsa Arm Surgery game of friv for school.


Baby Elsa Arm Surgery online is so amusing. While Elsa and Olaf were playing with the snow, she fell down. Her arm got injured, so she needs a surgery at once. Olaf is very worried. You will be a doctor giving her a treatment. Save her! Scan her arm with X-ray. You will find out the position of the wound on friv for school games. Use a machine to measure her blood pressure and heartbeat. The machine links with her arm by a belt and electric lines.


There is a bottle of antiseptic liquid. Pour the liquid into a piece of cotton. Apply antiseptic on her arm. Use a surgery small knife to cut a line on her arm. Use the tissue to clean the blood. Use a tool to open and stay the wound fixed. Use a clip to pick up four pieces of broken bone. Put pieces on a tray at friv for school player games. Connect the broken arm bone. Use a matching bar, screws, and drill to rejoin the bone.


Use medical thread and needle to close the wound. Now she is recovered. Elsa will dress up. Pick a hairstyle and a dress. There is a sleeveless pink dress, a strapped blue dress, a red dress, and a white dress. She will wear red flat shoes, open toe blue shoes, blue boots, white sandals or pink mary jane shoes. Choose a statuesque necklace and hairpin.


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Instructions: Use the mouse to play.

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