Little Elsa Save Stray Cat GamePlay:

The stray cat in Little Elsa Save Stray Cat is pitiful. Little Elsa decided to bring the cat to the castle and take care of him. Play it at friv play Games!


What would you do when you see a stray cat? You would save it, right? One day, while walking around the castle, little Elsa meets an injured stray cat. She decides to save him. She is so nice. Your mission in Little Elsa Save Stray Cat at friv online Games for kids is to help Elsa take care of the pitiful stray cat.


This cat has a lot of injuries on his body and a broken leg. First, you must clean the cat by taking all the thorns, leaves and rubbish out of it. Then, you clean all the injuries and use a little bit of shampoo and water to wash your cat's neck, body, legs, belly, and tail. Start at the neck and work toward their tail, in the direction of the growth of their fur.


Next, you rinse the cat thoroughly using the water in the tub. Finally, you use a dry towel and a dryer to dry him. That’s it. Now, it’s time to dress him up following your preference. This friv at school is not too hard to play, so even kids can also enjoy it.


Moreover, kids will learn about how to take care and bathe their pets. If you are looking for some related games, you can always visit Games for kids friv and play for free. Some interesting games are…. Enjoy!


How to play: Play it on the computer or smartphone and tablet.

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