Bubble Shooter GamePlay:

Bubble Shooter is a classic game in which the players have to match three same color bubbles and shoot them down to get the score. To complete each level, you have to shoot down all bubbles on the screen to move the next mission. One more thing, you should try to your best to achieve three stars on each level to increase your power in Bubble Shooter. With that, this game will attract your mind from the first bubble you shoot down because you will enjoy many wonderful moments in this game. Moreover, Bubble Shooter has received many positive comments from thousands of players over the world as cool game, addictive game, wonderful sound, etc. So, I think that you should try to play and explore your skills.

There is a similar game in  Friv 4, you also will like such as Save Butterflies or Bouncing Balls. The player’s main task still is to match three same color bubbles and shoot them down in each level. This game is not too difficult to play, so you can play them after school or work to have fun.


You can use the mouse to interact on PC or tap directly where you want to shoot bubbles. Are you ready to conquer Bubble Shooter game? Click now!