Catch the Apple 2 GamePlay:

Are you finding a funny game for your kids? I recommend you to take Catch the Apple 2 for them. Why? There are 3 reasons. The first one is the game has a cool graphics. I’m pretty sure that Catch the Apple 2 with an amazing one will attract your children’ attention, and they will love a hedgehog – the main character of the game as well. The second one is that the gameplay is pretty easy.


The players just need to follow the game instructions to fulfill the mission. That is to say, in order to help the hedgehog eat all the apples and collect all the stars, you just need to click on the items which are also known as the hints. Last but not least, the game has 20 thrilling levels that are attractive enough for your kids to have fun. Tell them to finish a level to unlock the next ones. It’s time for them to play Catch the Apple 2. Hope they will laugh a lot! 


Do you dare use your intelligence to play a game that combines with action and puzzle? Join Catch the Apple 2 at friv and show off your talent. I am ready!!!

Catch the Apple 2 at friv online game is a perfect combination of action and puzzle game which requires you to have a fast response and thinking skills at each level. This is a level game, so the level of difficulty will be significantly increased. This is also the attraction that makes the players don’t feel bored during many levels. What are you waiting for? Discover it right now at game online friv.


Here, all you need is to control a cute monster wisely and help it pass through all dangerous obstacles on the way. Don’t forget to collect three gold stars and get the highest score in each level. Note that at friv best game, deadly traps will appear constantly on the way, so you must control your monster carefully and observe all directions around to avoid being destroyed by them.


Besides, 20 levels also are 20 attractive challenges that this game will bring many wonderful experiences to the players in life. Are you ready to conquer 20 challenging levels at friv at school? If you love this game genre, don’t forget to play more with some related games such as http://friv4school2017.net/ Good luck!


How to play? You just need to tap the screen and click the mouse to play for the touch devices and PCs, respectively.