Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright GamePlay:

Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright is the exciting sequel to the popular Frostfall RPG which is playable frivcom friv games. This game has a fantastic and in-depth story and allows you to make different choices to alter the outcome of your progression. Each choice has a chance of success or failure depending on your statistics and weaponry so choose carefully! Will you be able to successfully save the town of Moonbright?


After defeating the Frozen King, your name is on the lips of every peasant and noble across the thirteen kingdoms. Therefore it comes as no surprise when a messenger hawk appears at your window with a letter from a man named Coogan, begging for help. In his letter, he explains that over the past two weeks the children in his village, Moonbright, have been vanishing. Being a hero through and through you decide to help! This is your story.


As you start your adventure, you must choose which type of magical creature you wish to be - choices include a fairy, vampire and leonin. Your choice will affect your statistics i.e. a Reptiod has +1 attack strength. And then you can choose different accessories to boost your power and weapons - each of these items affects your characters overall performance.Find out in friv 2018 com now!


Now that you are ready for battle you can start your quest. You receive a letter with a plea for help and must help solve the mystery of the vanishing children at Moonbright village. Tip: Use the arrow icon on the left side to save and restart game.


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Left click to play.

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