Rock Paper Scissors Game GamePlay:

Rock Paper Scissors is the classic playground game converted into a fun online multiplayer game which is playable kids friv4school. The rules remain the same as the original game: Rock beats scissors, Scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. The rules are easy, the game is simple, the fun continues in this online version of the absolute classic game. 

Have you ever had a dispute or disagreement where you and a friend cannot decide who is right and who is wrong? If so then you have probably settled it by playing rock paper scissors. Win three times in a row to win the duel outright and win any disagreement that you could ever have! Find out in frivcomfriv4school now!

Do not forget to share this fun game with your friends. And if you like it, play some other similar games such as Hexa Knot in https://friv4school2017.net/. Explore these games and laugh happily every time now!


Use the mouse to choose an object.

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