Flappy Fish GamePlay:

Fans of Flappy series such as Flappy BirdFlappy UFO and Flappy Soul? Get in here quickly, please. I’m gonna introduce you to a similar game called Flappy Fish. There is actually no difference in gameplay among these games. The players just control the character (in Flappy Bird, it’s a bird and a fish in Flappy Fish) to swim/fly wisely. Do not let them crash into the obstacles or they will die immediately.


With Flappy Fish, there is a shark what is always ready to eat the fish. Don’t give him even a chance to do that, ok? The hardest thing in the game is that how to make the fish swim stably and act quickly whenever he faces the obstacles. Is it clear to you now? Play Flappy Fish now!


Haha! Are you a fan of Flappy Bird game? Great! A new and exciting version is waiting for you to conquer the challenges in Flappy Fish at friv game 2017.


Ready to swim with a cute fish??? Flappy Fish at friv com school is a new and funny version of Flappy Bird game which has created a global craze with a unique and exciting gameplay. However, this game still has many highlights in terms of both pictures, sounds and gameplay.


Set in a beautiful ocean with many species of coral and starfish, all of them will bring you an exciting journey through the vast ocean. Here at friv for school, a small fish must find ways to overcome obstacles on the ocean and escape the fierce shark that always chasing it in the back.


So, your task is to control the little fish carefully and pass the deadly traps on the way. Especially, you should remember that these deadly traps can appear continuously with a short and dense distance under the ocean.

Therefore, with just one wrong move, the little fish will be eaten by the sharks immediately and the game is over. Try your best to get the highest score and swim as far as you can in this lovely adventure at friv Games school. Have an awesome time at friv free!


How to play? Tap the screen to control the fish on the touch devices. Press 1, 2, and 3 (or the mouse) to control the fish on the PC.