Forgotten Dungeon 2 GamePlay:

Forgotten Dungeon 2 is a habit-forming hack-and-slice activity RPG which is playable on Friv 4. Kill skeletons, zombies, and different beasts as you investigate prisons. You will acquire insight for each kill, and once in a while, adversaries will drop things. At the point when you step up, you can overhaul your solidarity, skill, insight, imperativeness, and spells. Increment your assault/harm and safeguard by outfitting yourself with better weapons and defensive layer. Pick between an alchemist, toxophilite, and fighter in this Diablo style RPG experience game.

Develop insight and level by overcoming foes. Furnish your personality with things that are found, won in fight, or bought from different sellers. There are a huge load of various things to look over in this game. Whenever you step up, the player has a decision of specific abilities and traits to enhance with their acquired experience focuses. Things and weapons gathered which are not prepared can be sold at the shop for gold. Assaults can be scuffle based or wizardry based.

Click on the objective adversary to fight. Your mystical abilities can be chosen from the left of the screen. Utilizing these declines the mana levels yet convey additional assault harm. You can return to town whenever by tapping the town button close to the abilities button, and getting through the gateway brings you once again to the latest relevant point of interest.

Extraordinary assault types can target shortcoming areas of adversaries, so picking when to utilize the legitimate supernatural assaults is significant. The gear you have chosen really appears on the your personality in the game. Strength increments harm. Aptitude speeds up and evade possibility. Knowledge speeds up, enchantment harm, and mana max. Imperativeness increments life max.

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Use the mouse to move your character and attack

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