GunFight.io GamePlay:

GunFight.io is a cool multiplayer online shooting game in which you will have the chance to play together with many players over the world. To start this game, you only need to take a room and choose 1 in 2 modes: terrorist or counter-terrorist team.


Next, your main mission is to shoot down as many enemies as possible and avoid being killed by their bullets. So, move continuously and shoot correctly until the enemy runs out of energy. Especially, if you want to play more with the same game, Anomal.io also will be a perfect choice for you. Don’t hesitate anymore! Have fun at friv Games free!


Use arrow keys or WASD to move, mouse to aim or shoot.

Nothing is impossible! Come here and shoot down all your talented opponents in GunFight.io at friv best game. Fight to live and get the victory or accept to die as a coward? GunFight.io is a bloody match between a terrorist or counter-terrorist army around the world at friv4.


They represent the bad and the good in our lives. Which one do you choose? Jump into this interesting game and knock down your enemies in the battle. Here, you can select terrorist or counter-terrorist army and lead your team to get the victory at friv game free. Before starting this battle, I advise that you should think carefully about an excellent tactic in the game. Because this is absolutely essential, if not, you can be attacked immediately after the first few minutes of battle.


Take advantage of every opportunity to find and kill enemies in the battle. One more thing at friv at school, if there are too many enemies who are trying to attack you, you should hide in the safe areas and wait for a good chance to revenge. In particular, you should be careful with the attackers behind because they are very dangerous and often attack from many sides. Are you ready to show off your shooting skills? Good luck!