Ice Think Twice GamePlay:

Ice Think Twice is a puzzle game about a small piece of sliding ice finding the way to reach the exit without touching the jelly guards. But, it’s not all the missions. You have to collect as many stars as you can. Of course, there are 3 stars at each level. However, getting through with one star on each is tough but three. How can you get 3 stars before going to the exit? You have to think thoroughly.


You only move to the next levels if you get a least one star and go to the exit safely. Do not be too surprised! You have 96 levels to enjoy. More amazingly, you can also play this interesting but challenge game on your touch devices. Are you confident enough to finish all the levels? Let’s jump in and enjoy it!


This game is one of the top excellent games at Friv4. With game’s positive features, I'd bet that you cannot get bored with it. There are multi-levels in the game - 48 levels in total. These challenges are divided into 3 main gates. To open the new one, you have to earn enough the amount of required gold stars - the reward in each of the levels. With the creation of the game developers, you will be brought from surprise to surprise in this awesome game at friv2017.  


Playing this game is a chance for players to practice your mouse skills. Apart from that, to get the maximum stars, you also have to use your intelligence. All items that are set in the game, are not unusable. Take advantage of every chance and gain the reward as much as possible. You can replay a specific level in the case you are not satisfied with the result at friv Games.


How to play Ice Think Twice

In this game, you will turn into a little cute ice. It really wants to play on the floor. Will you give it a hand? So, in this game, you have to control the ice so as to get all gold stars and help it come safely to the target point at play free friv Games.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Ice Think Twice


Some obstacles are set in the game. Don't touch them in any way. By one approach, you will end the game immediately.


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Use the mouse to move the small ice when playing on the computer and wipe with your fingers to play this game on the touch devices.