Jewelish Blitz GamePlay:

This excellent game fulfills even the fastidious gamers. One positive point in the game is eye-catching design. The quality of graphics and the excellence of games’ sounds can bring to the players an enjoyable time at Friv 4.


Jewish or some called Diamond is a popular game for most the players. This classic puzzle game can suit people of all ages, from the children to the adults at friv online Games.


However, not like other puzzle games which have divided into different levels, this game only has one level. Each time you accomplish one level, your best achievement will be saved on your current device. That means that you will compete with yourself.


However, inviting some friends to play isn't a bad idea. I'm sure that you and your friends can have the best time with each other at friv Games play. In addition, I recommend that you should log into your online account. Just by that simple step, you can gain for yourself abundant of incentives on this interesting game at friv Games 2017.


This game has set a timer. One minute is a maximum time. Show off all your skills in that period and gain the best score. The scoring method belongs to 5 elements as diverse as the number of fire diamond, the figure of thunder diamond, the colorful diamond, the switching time and the consecutive diamond. Thus, try your best to create as many powerful diamonds as possible. Linking more than 3 diamonds and use them so as to make the larger chains of Jewish.


Jewelish Blitz is an attractive and addictive puzzle game in which your main mission is to connect at least three identical diamonds and make them disappear. Try your best to create as many special diamonds as possible by matching more than 3 and use them to make the larger chains of reaction. They will help you get more and more points in each level. However, you should remember that you will only have 60 seconds to conquer each level. Discover it right now at online friv Games! Good luck!


How to play friv?

Use the mouse to play or tap directly on the touch devices. Check out Jewelish Blitz mobile!