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Key Mouse is a story about a robotic mouse searching for keys in Friv4school2017.net. You must find out keys quickly. Otherwise, you lose your life. Move to the right. Move to the left. Collect important stuff. Key Mouse game is so riveting and fascinating. You travel with the mouse at friv com the best online games


Key Mouse online game is about a mouse-shaped machine seeking keys. They aren’t usual keys but magic keys. Those can maintain the mouse’s life. If the mouse does not have keys, it will die soon on friv com the best online games free. It needs keys to keep its longevity. Your duty is to control the machine, move and collect keys as fast as you can.

Keys are put in a huge maze. Find out keys one by one. You have to play in a certain amount time. There is a time bar showing the living time. As soon as you go beyond the start line, the clock will countdown. If you don’t find any key, you will lose your only one life. The mouse will blow up at www friv com the best online games. In that case, you can play a new turn or continue the game. If you choose to continue, we record the number of your deaths. Your deaths are shown on the display.  

If you find the first key, the time bar is reloaded. You have more time to live and look for the next keys. You have to act very fast and catch keys exactly. Don’t waste time. Any mistake causes your loss of life in friv com the best online games for kids. You don’t have the second chance.

Introduce this game to your companions and family. Rate it highly. If you have a liking for the game, please send your opinions to us. Play excellent games such as Chubby Boy Run and Talking Tom Gold Run Online at http://friv4school2017.net/.


  • Use the mouse to control the key mouse.
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