Talking Tom Gold Run Online GamePlay:

Talking Tom Gold Run Online is a divine game at Friv4school. You get lost on a city street. Collect gold coins and sweet bars to win the game. Go further and raise the money in your pocket. Be careful with objects on the way. Talking Tom Gold Run Online game of friv jogo definitely tickles players pink. Pull your finger out!


Talking Tom Gold Run Online free game is so simple to start a race. You are on a street road. You help Tom cross streets and do missions. Collect gold bricks to turn into an invincible ball. There are many hurdles preventing you. Jump over them to keep going on. The game has a lot of obstructions in friv jogo game including cars, hurdles, and traffic cones. You had better move quickly and flexibly to overcome difficulties. Jumps over cars, slide down bars, turn right to get coins, and turn left to collect biscuits. 


You have 3 lives. You will lose lives if crash into obstacles and structures on friv jogo player game. As soon as you use up 3 lives, the race ends. After the game is over, you see a number of coins and pastries you have already got. Replay to start a new game. You always see your existing coins and cookies on the screen. 


You can buy new vehicles in a shop. To buy a skateboard, you use 100 coins at friv jogo online game. A pair of roller skates costs 200 coins. You spend 300 coins to purchase a rocket. You use 400 coins to buy a magic flying carpet. A purple hoverboard costs 500 coins. Get coins many as possible to upgrade your tools.


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  • Use the up arrow to jump, the down arrow to slide and take cookies.
  • Use the right arrow to take coins.
  • Use the left arrow to turn left and take coins.
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