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Kingdom of Pixels at Friv4school is a 2D MOBA, Platformer game like the style of other MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. The game's subject is pixel-like, carrying a nostalgic and shortsighted feel to it. Pick among an assorted program of legends to play as, and dominate the match by obliterating the adversary's precious stone! By killing foe followers and legends, you gain Gold to assemble and update things and Experience to step up and become more grounded. You can use map components like Runes and Brushes for your potential benefit and control the match in support of yourself!

With a wide assortment of legends and things to browse, you'll encounter one of a kind and unmistakable games. Pick either a skirmish or went legend that represents considerable authority in one or the other Normal or Magic sort harm, redo your thing work to accommodate your playstyle, and overcome your adversaries with plans and methodologies! The game is still in its Pre-Alpha stage, and there are numerous things that the engineer anticipates improving and executing into the game.

Normal match length: ~15 minutes Current playable game modes: 1 v 1 Ranked Match (Go no holds barred with your adversary!) 2 v 2 Ranked Match (Match up with somebody and win through collaboration and cooperation!) Practice Match (Play solo and evaluate different thing mixes with your favored legend!) How to play: You can purchase things in your generate, so consider cautiously on what things you'll get prior to going out to the path! Dominate a game by annihilating the foe precious stone with your flunkies. You can't harm the gem yourself, so your cronies are your success condition.

Open up the way to the foe precious stone by annihilating their pinnacle. This will help the details of your flunkies, giving you a major benefit! Techniques: Before the match really begins, there is a 45-second planning period that counts down to 00:00. At 00:00, the main follower wave brings forth, and the Gold Rune generates at the upper region. Utilize an opportunity to situate yourself close to the Gold Rune so you can get the additional gold!

Whenever you purchase things, attempt and save some gold for no less than one Health Potion! A Health Potion helps keep you in path to the extent that this would be possible since it can keep you at high wellbeing to answer adversary development. Make sure to stay away from harm while utilizing one, or, in all likelihood it will intrude on the recuperating! Buff Runes produce consistently beginning at 01:00 in the base region. Exploit these runes as the buffs you get from one can reverse the situation against the adversary, particularly in 2v2!

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. You will love it. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Urban Sniper Multiplayer 2 


(There is an option to enable / disable mouse support at the right side of the screen) W - Jump A - Move left S - Move right D - Drop down J / Left-click - Basic attack K / Ctrl - 1st Ability L / Alt - 2nd Ability

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