Legendary Warrior Goblin Rush GamePlay:

In the Legendary Warrior Goblin Rush, you are a legendary warrior receiving a commission to destroy all the goblins sheltering in their hideout. Your weapons are only a bow and a basket of arrows but that's enough for you. Then, all you need is to aim and fire arrows at the goblins. There are different kinds of goblins such as trolls, skeleton warriors, ghouls or so on. 


Here at friv online Games, the thing is how to fire your arrows accurately. For the goblins who stay perfectly still, it's not hard to shoot them down. But for those who keep jumping from ledge to ledge, you have to learn to release your arrows on time. Stay focused and you will hit the target! Remember that the fewer arrows you use, the more stars you will gain. So, don't waste any single arrow and gain enough three stars after finishing each level. 


There are totally 21 levels for you to challenge. Completing the current level is the only way to unlock the next one. And the difficulty is also increased at higher levels. Do your best to go to the end of the game and fulfill your mission. Enjoy your time! 


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How to play? 

Hold the left mouse button to aim and release to fire an arrow.

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