Spider Warrior 3D GamePlay:

I'm sure that the players at Friv 4 are all familiar with Spiderman - the main character who names after the movie. After the premiere day, this movie has received many compliments from people of all over the world. Of course, Spiderman becomes one of the most favorite heroes of the fans' heart. Now, at friv free Games, the Spiderman lover will have a chance to become this hero in one day on Spider Warrior 3D. Play all free!


In this game, you have to use your power to against a dangerous rival. Shoot the spider web on his face in order to make him weak. You also can use this weapon as a defensive tool by shooting it in the metal boxes. You have total 199 seconds for both attack and defense activities. Like your rival, you will have a bar which shows your power. The more attack that you have received from your enemy, the more power you lost.


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Do you want to become a spider-man who can fly everywhere and save the world from the evil? Play Spider Warrior 3D now at friv Games online to turn your dream into reality. In this game, your main task is to destroy a toxic monster that is very dangerous and powerful.


Try your best to shoot continuously and correctly at the target and avoid the attack of the enemy in the battle. What are you waiting for? Show off your talent now! Especially, don’t forget to explore more with a similar game as Justice Clicker at friv 4. Good luck!


How to play friv?

Use the mouse to interact with the computer.