Little Nails Problems GamePlay:

Molly is crying because of her painful hands and feet. When nail Lady sees them, she is very surprised. She realizes that the nail of Molly’s hands and feet seems to be untrimmed. That’s the reason why the little girl might get so many accidents. The lady decides to fix them for Molly. Let’s see how better the Molly’s hands and feet will be. There are three stages in tasklist of Little Nails Problems. Finish one by one first. You will learn a lot from this cool game. Enjoy!


Do you want to own a beautiful nail set? With a nice nail set, you can become more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of others. Why don’t you try to play Little Nails Problems at friv 4?


Little Nails Problems is a wonderful combination of the fashion game and physician game at friv game 2017. Why do you say that? Because you have two main missions in this game. With your first mission, you need to treat Molly's wounds and help her hands heal.


To accomplish this task, you only need to follow the instructions on the screen with fixed operations. All you need to do is to clean the wound, remove pieces of glass from the wound and sew the wound on her hands. After completing the first mission at friv best game, you can switch to the second mission by making nails for Molly. Don’t forget to clean her hand and create a unique nail style in the world.


This task is not too difficult, so you can follow the specific steps on the screen at friv game free. Use your ingenuity to help many people and create beautiful nails for the girls in the game. Are you ready to create many fashionable nail sets? Discover them with http://friv4school2017.net/ at free friv 2017.


How to play? Use the mouse to play on PC, touch the screen to play on mobile.