Nazi Zombie Army GamePlay:

Nazi Zombie Army is a bloody horrible battle in Friv4school2017.net. you combat as a real warrior protect innocent people. The rise of zombies is threatening the human’s existence. You take your weapon and kill all of the enemies. Aim straight! Shoot well! Players are tempted by Nazi Zombie Army game of Friv game.


Nazi Zombie Army online game is so interesting. You back to the World War II and enter an army. The opponents decided to launch a special army. They create zombies and let zombies attack citizens. You save people and destroy bloodthirsty creatures. This war is very harsh and difficult. Try your best at Friv game 2018! Your mission is killing opponents and protecting humans.


You are equipped with so many kinds of weapons. Take rifles, shotguns, machine guns or revolvers. Go to the battleground and shoot every enemy you see. If you don’t act fast, zombies attack and slaughter you on Friv game for free. Besides, zombie dogs attack you too. Be careful with them!


You become a soldier if you get 5000 points for the killing of enemies and gain elimination medal if you kill 30 zombies in one game. You own the first blood when you cause the first zombie’s death. You are a headhunter or first soldier at http://friv4school2017.net/


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  • Use WASD/ZQSD/arrows to move.
  • Use the left mouse to attack and the right mouse to zoom.
  • Use from number 1 to 9 to select weapons.
  • Use left Shift to run and left Alt to crouch.
  • Use X to prone and P to pause.
  • Use / to use the next or previous weapon.
  • Use E to use items and Space to jump.
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