Metal Army War 3 GamePlay:

The Metal Army War challenge isn't over yet! While the heroes who have protected Earth from robotic aliens are on vacation, the new attack is coming... Our heroes stop their vacation and start defending Earth again! This time, you are defending against advanced enemies with different vehicles. These include attack shuttles, drones, and AI assistants. Enjoy every moment you spend here and don’t forget to check out other awesome games. Some recommended options for you are SuperHeroRope and Peppa Pig Bubble Shooter at https://friv4school2017.net/

Instruction: PLAYER 1 Move: "W, A, S,D" Hit: "C" (hold longer than release for a powerful hit) Grenade: "V" Jump: "W" (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: "Q-E" Special Attack: "Q+E" (Press while SP Bar Max) Ammo Reload: "X" Player 2: "Arrow Keys" 

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