Power Puff Fight GamePlay:

Power Puff Fight is one of the most interesting shooting games that is suitable for everyone. Shoot down all the evil bats and rewrite a new record on the Leaderboard of Power Puff Fight right now! Are you ready to experience with Power Puff Fight online game? Fight!


Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Welcome to the most engaging shooting game of all time in Power Puff Fight at friv for school 2018! This shooting game is extremely fun and interesting. With a simple and unique gameplay, the game is suitable for all ages and helps you relax after hours of work and stress.


In particular, it does not require you many difficult skills, instead, you just have a professional shooting skill that is enough to conquer this game. The story of the game starts with the fact that a large bat population has attacked your city. They destroy everything in the city and cause many negative effects on the health of the people.


Are you ready to destroy these dangerous bats? Jump into this interesting shooting game at friv for kids and become a brave hero around the world. Here, your task is to shoot continuously and accurately at the targets on the road and to score the highest possible score in the game.


A useful trick to shoot as many bats as possible for you is that you have to keep two keys pressed on the computer: Mouse to move and any key to shoot. This will help you create a chain of successive and consecutive bullets to destroy enemy at friv Games for school.


I believe that if you know this trick, you can conquer any level of the game. If you want to play more with this genre, please check out the game list below such as http://friv4school2017.net/ at frivgame.



Shoot down bats with the mouse and any key on the keyboard.

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