Ranger Steve GamePlay:

Ranger Steve : This is a fun multiplayer online shooting game. You can play in various modes, for example, groups or deathmatch. Pick your essential and auxiliary weapon and begin the shooting. Touchy multiplayer shooter em' up that lets you in a split second play with your friends.Have fun!


How to play Rangersteve.io

  • Move left (A), right (D))
  • Jump = W
  • Shoot = Left click
  • Fly = Right click and hold (Press and hold SHIFT)
  • Reload = Press R
  • Switch weapons = Q
  • Write chat message = T


Keep flying and shooting to survive is your mission when playing Ranger Steve in Friv 4. Are you ready to take part in a fight with full challenges? Start!

Ranger Steve is one of the shooting games that have a huge number of players at friv the game. There aren’t too many missions to conduct in this game but you need to have wise fighting skills. If not, you will be shot by your opponents. At friv Games for boys, jump, aim and shoot accurately so that you can survive in this violent fight. Notice that you need to collect kinds of weapons during the battle in order to make you stronger. Wish you shoot down your enemy quickly at friv! 

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Your character can only move when you use the W, A, S and D keys. If you encounter opponents, use the mouse to aim and shoot. If you don’t want to use your current weapon, use the Q key to change weapons. 


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