Road Of Fury 3 GamePlay:

Road Of Fury 3 is an engrossing driving game in Friv4school2017.net. Bendy tracks are waiting for you. Hold the steering wheel and conquer roads. Screw-up is considered as a mistake. Give time and beat all opponents out. Road Of Fury 3 game of friv biv is the sight for sore eyes. Take off the start.

Road Of Fury 3 online game is a driving and shooting game. You are an old hand in the army. You take an important mission to save the world. You are the only man the president can rely on. You fight with criminals in friv biv games. You must attack them and steal a secret weapon. Eliminate them to get rewards. You spend the money you earn buying new weapons and upgrade your vehicle. 

You control your car on a dangerous road. There is a series of enemies in front of you. All of them are armed with guns. Some rivals drive motors and shoot you. A few enemies hover in the air. Their target is to destroy you. They use automatic planes to launch rockets which attack you at friv biv for free. Be careful! You aim and shoot exactly to end their life. Terminate foes as many as possible.

After you are killed, your information including units destroyed, distance reached and reward will be shown. You fight in 3 areas consisting of desert, plain, and mountain. Area 2 is opened after you win the area 1. Win area 2 to unlock the area 3. We have a device shop where you can upgrade your car on friv biv player games. Buy missiles to launch massive airstrikes. It costs $350. Use $250 to purchase a device which makes all cars invincible. You can spend $300 to own a shield which disables enemy’s weapons. Buy a minigun cannon with $250.

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  • Use the mouse to control the car and shoot enemies.
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