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Salmonz .io is a diverting game at Friv4school2017. You are in a lake. You are a salmon trying to jump over gates. You do that salmon a favor. Avoid being caught by dangerous eagles. Salmonz .io game is a battle in ftriv where thousands of fish fight another one to go further in life. Count on yourself and go ahead.


Salmonz .io free game is available on our website. You can login to have an account or play as a guest. A leaderboard shows the best players who have got high scores. Click on Play Game button to start the game on ftriv games. You can chat with other players from all around the world. You realize that you are in a lake. This is a special lake. It is divided into many areas. You must jump over walls to move to another area.


There is a forest around the lake. You and a bunch of salmon fish try to jump and change the environment. The height of walls is different at ftriv player game. If the wall is high, it’s difficult to jump over that wall. Eat red stars in the water to get the score. You grow bigger after eating them and have the power to create higher jumps. A number of stars in areas are different. Swim and catch stars. 


Some perilous wild animals will attack you. Eagles fly down to catch you. If you are caught, the eagle will grab you the fly high. You will back to square one. The eagle drops you down the first area. Bears wander in areas. Salmons are their favorite food in ftriv online game 2018. They want to eat you. You face wolves and big brown bears in next levels. Some stages seem like mazes. You need to find the way out if you don’t want to be trapped. Fool a huge shark and conquer the last zone.


How far do you swim? Recommend this io game to dudes to play together. Assess it with 5 stars. Let us know how you feel about it. Win io games like Sharkz.io, Oceanar.io, and Wormax.io at http://friv4school2017.net/. Good luck!


How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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