The Office Guy GamePlay:

You are a happy bunny while playing The Office Guy of Friv4school2017. You take a role of an avenger swearing revenge. Terminate the evil boss and his lackeys. Prevent deadly plans and crush a horrifying plot. The Office Guy game of friv.biv is an awesome experience because you fight against an army alone. 


The Office Guy free game is an addicting game which is available on the site. Pull your finger out! You used to work for a company. One day, you discover wicked secrets and illegal business of the corporation. Bosses made a decision to eliminate you aiming at stopping leaking information at friv.biv games. Nevertheless, you are still alive. You are out for wrongdoers’ blood and lust for revenge. You go to that office and take revenge. 


The game consists of 10 tasks. You finish level by level. Your weapon which is provided is a baseball bat. The task one is to collect documents from an employee. You walk on a long desk that is the arena. You confront one security guard. Hit him to continue moving towards. You meet a muscular guy holding a gun on friv.biv player game. Attack him fast to slaughter him, then take the gun. You have 6 bullets. Shoot the next enemy who uses a knife. Murder another employee and collect the document. You pass the first level.


The second mission is to get a USB. The missions become harder and harder. You face much more enemies who attack you from 2 sides. Don’t forget to take the shotgun to eliminate opponents easily. Shoot and knock them down. Steal the USB and end the stage of friv.biv for free. The task 3 is to survive for 50 seconds. So many enemies will attack you at the same time. You should take their revolvers to shoot them. Weapons kill enemies faster than you hit with the bare hand. Attempt to survive. A red health bar shows your life. When it runs out of red color, you lose your only one life. Retry to play that level again.


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  • Use arrows to move.
  • Use Space to attack.  
  • Use down arrow to pick documents.
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