Lily Slacking Office GamePlay:

Lily Slacking Office is a funny game for the humorous office girls. Let’s see what Lily thinks after her vacation.
Lily: Haah…I’m so boreeeeeddd. The holiday season is over already and this work is keep piling up. Oh! I know what fun is! Let’s prank everybody while they’re not on their seat! And I want to make sure that no one notices me. Tehee, it’s gonna be a blast!

If you think the same way as Lily does, you should play Lily Slacking Office right now. How to play it? In order to have fun, you should finish 8 missions and play the mischievous tricks without being caught. Significantly, you have to complete the mission as quickly as you can. You are given 3 lives at the beginning of the game and about 8 minutes to complete the game. For each time being caught, you will lose a life. Now you know what to have fun with Lily Slacking Office, don’t you? Enjoy!


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Lily Slacking Office at friv the game is an extremely funny and exciting game in a boring office. Lily, a beautiful office worker, wants to release her stress after hours of work. However, there are many people like managers, co-workers or directors who will constantly move in the office to inspect the job. So,


Lily felt really tired and wanted to go out but she could not. With your skill and clever, please help LiLy relieve stress with funny games in the office. Here at friv com Games play, you can help Lily make-up with the tools in other people's bags on the table, take pictures, play games on her phone, or even draw on the screen of other’s computer.


However, you should observe carefully because if someone catches your actions, you will lose a life in the game. Notice, each time they prepare to look at you, a yellow icon will appear, so you have to keep silent and pretend to be working on the computer. Haha! After they return to work, you can continue to do what you want. Share this exciting game with your friends and explore more with http://friv4school2017.net/ at game friv online. Enjoy at friv play game!


How to play? Click the mouse to play the game.