Dot Invasion GamePlay:

Dot Invasion is an amusing game in which you can play here on frivvvv online games. The game requires quick-reaction ability and good eyesight.  If you love simple arcade game, this game is perfect for you. You just control a big dot and change its color. Be in the zone to choose the right color. Boost speed of touching the screen. The game brings you blitheness. Match dots with same dots.


Dot Invasion online game at frib v online games is an easy game. The task is very simple, you alter the color of a dot in such way that its color matches the color’s coming dots. There is a big dot in the center of the screen. Originally, it is white, but if you click on it, it will turn pink. Click again to turn it into white, like that, you switch the color between pink and white.


If you match successfully one time, you have one point. You play in the unlimited time, therefore, earn scores as many as possible and play as long as you can. In addition, you just have one life, play until you lose that life. If you choose the wrong color, you lose the game and you must replay. Different - colored dots don’t match. After the game is over, you see your existing score and best score. 


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Use your mouse to play.

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