Stick Samurai GamePlay:

Stick Samurai is an attractive and addictive puzzle game which you can play online and for free on friv 4 school 2017. In this game, you have to hold your finger on the screen to stretch out and overcome all obstacles on the way. Be more careful to avoid falling down the cliff and run as far as possible in the game. Interestingly, with Stick Samurai, you can play online on many mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, tablet, and etc. What are you waiting for? Show off your talent now! Have fun at friv free!


Use the mouse to play or tap directly on the touch devices. Check out Stick Samurai mobile!

One extremely interesting thing in the game is its idea at Friv 4. I overvalue this game because of the funny, interesting moments that the game brings to the players. The game's design is quite impressive. Just simplify the design and focus on the idea of the game. Thus, it more attracts the players.  


In this game, you have to hold your finger on the screen (with touching devices) or click and hold your mouse (with computers) to stretch out and go to the next safe position. Avoid falling off the cliff; you just have one chance to determine the holding time. A too short or too long stick can lead to failing. Before starting the game, you have to focus on a given figure on the head of Samurai; this is a number of the cliffs that you have to overcome. This number will increase on and on through the levels.


The more the numbers you can get, the more talented player you are at free online Games friv. Some of the features in this game do not support the offline players. So make sure that you have already logged in your account before playing the game. This game is available on mobile; that means, more fun and more experience for you. Don't forget to share the game with all your friends and have a happy, meaningful time together at friv game 2017. And now, let's conquer this fantastic game!