Sheep Stacking GamePlay:

Sheep Stacking is a cool game of skill which is playable on friv Games for boys. After many hours of “hard work,” we have determined the best methods for succeeding in Sheep Stacking. You have to keep your eye focused on the center of your sheep, dropping it onto the tower so that it does not lean to one side or the other. Master this trick and you will be climbing the sheep stacking game leaderboards in no time!

Sure, sheep will go along with just about anything, but sheep stacking? Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch in real life, but in this hilarious game, they’re being air dropped onto each other for your enjoyment. The concept is very simple, but mastery takes a lot of time and practice. Here’s how it works: each sheep must be dropped onto the one that is waiting below. The crane that is holding the sheep sways side to side, as does the tower of sheep once it gets tall enough, making things more challenging. Stack as many sheep as you can before you miss!

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