Subway Surf GamePlay:

Subway Surf is a fantastic game on frivGames 2018. You play as a boy running in a railway. You have to create flexible movements to avoid trains and run away from a policeman. Besides, collect gold coins to buy new tools. Subway Surf game tickles players pink. Do you like to embark on a journey now? 


Here at friv 4 online, you control a boy who is running away from a cop. He runs on the railway. He will move to the right and left, jump up and swipe down. Remember that you dodge trains now and don’t let the vehicles attack you. If you crash into vehicles or objects, you will die and you can replay


You collect coins and use it to purchase bonuses. Collect treasures and press button to ride boards. Boards can make you fly. You can also move on highway streets and jump over hurdles. If you get a bike, you can speed up and run fast. Get magnets to stick to metal objects. Run quickly so that the policeman can’t catch you. Avoid falling down. You can jump on the train.


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Use your mouse to play.

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