Trampoline Stickman GamePlay:

Every second you play Trampoline Stickman will be interesting experiences and marvelous moments at Friv4school2017.net. If you are mad for sports, this game is suitable for you. You jump on a piece of sports equipment in friv4shool. You are about to become a real sportsman of the free Trampoline Stickman game. 

Trampoline Stickman online game is a fun sports game. Have you ever played with a trampoline? It is a piece of sports equipment. It is a piece of strong material joined by springs to a frame. Have you attended this sport? It is so amusing. You will make jumps and flips. Try not to lose your life on friv4shool games.  You should attempt to do more flips with one jump. Front flips or backflips are all good. You must get a perfect landing. Don’t land too far. Pay attention to pose. Bad landing will make you lose speed. You can get more height and bigger scores.  


The game has 3 modes: classic mode, timed mode, and arcade mode. In the classic mode, you only have one life. When you cannot land and fall down, you will die instantly. Restart or choose another mode. In the timed mode, you will have to play within 60 seconds. Try to do good flips and get many scores as you can. After 60 seconds, the game is over at friv4shool player games. 


In the arcade mode, you are given 3 lives. As soon as you use up them, you will fail the game. After the game ends, you will see your score, best score, front flips, back flips, and max height. If you don’t like to see the bloody scenes, you can go in the setting and stop it.


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How to play:

  • Use arrows to jump.
  • Hold arrows to make front and back flips.
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