Bow Master Stickman Hero GamePlay:

Bow Master Stickman Hero is a chance to disguise a brave archer in Friv4school2017.net. You use your bow and arrows to save innocent people. They are in danger and you bring safety to them. Practice shooting skill and accept challenges. Burn all energy to aim exactly in Bow Master Stickman Hero game of Frivgames.


Bow Master Stickman Hero online game is very fun challenging game. You are a bowman trying to become a master. You have to complete 64 challenges to win this game. The main task is rescuing hostages. They are being hanged. You must shoot ropes to help them. Time bars count down the time you have. If you cannot rescue hostages in the limited time, you lose the game at Frivgames for free.


Challenges are really hard but funny also. With each challenge, the game provides a setting. In the level 1, you must shoot 6 stars. You must make 5 birds fly at level 2. Other challenges are to make a double save with only 1 arrow, save 5 stickmen in 9 seconds, clear 4 levels in 24 seconds, shoot two ducks, clear 4 levels with the stickmen on low hp, shoot 3 bottles, and clear 5 levels in 27 seconds in Frivgames for school.


The other tasks are performing 3 double saves, saving 5 stickmen in 15 seconds, saving 9 stickmen in 7 arrows, saving 10 stickmen in 34 seconds, clearing 4 levels in 20 seconds, clearing 6 levels with the stickman on low hp, and making 7 birds fly. Many challenges are waiting for you. There are some tips for you. You can shoot at hovering arrows to save hostages. Shoot animals to make them move. You must shoot fast and exactly to win challenges at http://friv4school2017.net/. You choose any challenge you want.


Shoot well after aiming. Introduce this game with buddies. Assess it highly and send us your feedback. If you are interested in shooting games, join Stickman Archer Online and Stickman Archer Online 3.



  • Use the mouse to play.
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