Turbo Dismounting GamePlay:

Welcome to a very fun game! Turbo Dismounting is a deadly, super-fast physics-based game that can help you release the anger that accumulates within you. Whatever causes you to go crazy, you had a bad day, you got a bad mark, or you are scolded by your boss, you can find a way to calm yourself down at friv play Games. Your objective is to inflict as much pain as possible to the stickman. This character is ready to suffer your anger.


In the real life, violence is not allowed. You don’t do something bad to the people around you, but here is different. The game offers a lot of means, maps and tools for you to hurt stickman. In the beginning, you have 2000 coins. You use coins to unlock the first map and vehicle, then start to torture this poor guy. The more the stickman gets hurt, the higher the score and the more coins you get. You can choose one of four available vehicles, pick out one of five poses and one of 18 maps to inflict maximum carnage.


With the coins you have earned after a few times of abuse, you unlock more maps and more means. Play until you feel anger and stress is gone. Don’t worry. You won’t be arrested when playing this https://friv4school2017.net/ game. When you are happy, let’s play other fun games such as Mutilate A Doll 2. Enjoy!


How to play: Use left click to play this game.

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