Wild Hunter Sniper Buck GamePlay:

Wild Hunter Sniper Buck is an animal shooting game, just like deer, rabbit, wolves, pigs and so on that you can play here on friv 3 player games. The players need to use sniper guns to shoot the animal to earn money. This is the necessary means of improving the equipment. Don't you be attractive? If you've ever been a hunter, or you've got a shooter, it will really relax your mind. Please join us to have a try! 

You are the man with a special precision sniper gun to shoot furious wild animals. While you have three options, you can kill bears, deer and wolves but in the next version you will be able to kill animals as fast as lions, lynx and tigers.

This game at https://friv4school2017.net is a more challenging then the former about as in this game there are twelve levels that have been completed and in each level you will face various angry animals like bear, boar, pangolin senses, wolves, deer, and in the upcoming bobcat and cougars will be added to make challenging hunting.

We will help players join the game you want. Don't forget to save your favorite game to join when there's free time with countless new games updated on our list like Apache War City. Take your chance and be the best player right now. 


Use the mouse to shoot

R to reload

E to turn night vision.

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